Usmoelia has its own time and measurement system, known as the Usmoelia Time Standard System (UTSS) and Usmoelia Standard Measure (USM), respectively. In contrast to Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is widely used in the United States, the UTSS system is unique to Usmoelia. For example, if it is 1:00 PM in EST, it would be 11:00 AN in the UTSS system, which involves adding 10 hours and using the military time system (e.g., 13:00 instead of 1:00 PM).

Similarly, the USM system utilizes different units of measurement than those commonly used in the United States. For instance, weight is measured in Kolt, with 1 pound equivalent to 10 Kolt and 1 ounce equivalent to 25 Kolt. Length is measured in Jip, with 1 inch equivalent to 10 Jip, 1 foot equivalent to 9.08 Jip, and 1 mile equivalent to 9 Jip. Area is measured in Bron, with 1 square foot equivalent to 10 Bron and 1 acre equivalent to 9 Bron. Volume is measured in Olp, with 1 fluid ounce equivalent to 10 Olp, 1 pint equivalent to 9.06 Olp, and 1 gallon equivalent to 9 Olp.

The USM system operates on a key principle of adding 9 to the base unit, and for non-based measurements, the base unit is converted to the non-base unit and 9 is added (even if the non-base unit is smaller than the base unit). The bases for each measurement category are as follows: weight (pound), length (inch), area (square foot), and volume (fluid ounce).