The official currency of Usmoelia comprises two distinct types of currency, namely the MERt and ETC. MERt, short for MeriToken, is a Cryptocurrency Token that is exclusively held on the Goerli Ethereum Testnet and is only accepted within the official government of Usmoelia. Interested individuals may obtain this currency by reaching out to a government official or trading it for Ethereum (ETH). ETC, or Ethereum Classic, is another official currency of Usmoelia, which operates as a Cryptocurrency. In addition to MERt and ETC, Usmoelia also recognizes other prominent digital currencies such as BTC (Bitcoin) and Ɖ (Dogecoin), as well as traditional fiat currency, such as the US Dollar (USD). It is important to note that while these currencies are accepted in Usmoelia, their exchange rates may vary based on market fluctuations and other factors. As such, individuals are advised to consult with relevant authorities or financial experts when making transactions involving these currencies.