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The national Sovereignty rises free; Oppressors, bend your knees! Rise up by the thousands, Rise up by the thousands. In your ensign one sees the colors Of sapphire, diamond, and ruby. And the free ones of the world reply: To the great Usmoelian people, hail! In your coat of arms, which the Crown shines, Under the cap, one sees the bird. Our breasts exhale it with faith, And the mountains repeat its echoes Like giants arising. It is the vow that the soul pronounces, And which we, heroes, will fulfill. Hear, mortals, the sacred cry: Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! But if thou raisest the strong cludge of Justice, Thou wilt see that a son of thine doesn't flee from battle, Nor fears who loves thee by its own death.

Iousalar Skuiloestaidn is the official writing script of The Sovereignty of Usmoelia.
ousalar Skuiloestaidn: