Article I: Freedom of Speech All individuals in Usmoelia have the right to express their opinions and ideas freely, but such expressions must be peaceful and not infringe upon the rights of others.
Article II: Bearing of Arms Weapons will not be sold to civilians in Usmoelia. Only government officials will have the right to bear arms, and they will be licensed in accordance with the laws of the United States.
Article III: Right to Vote Every individual in Usmoelia has the right to vote for a new president. The president's term will be four years, or more if needed.
Article IV: Law-making The government will hold votes for all new laws passed. The enactment of new laws will never permit violent or illegal activities, except for military and police use.
Article V: Military Assembly A military will only be assembled in Usmoelia if war is declared by other countries. Article VI: Restrictions on Presidency Individuals with a criminal record of heinous offenses such as ID theft, drug dealing, murder, or possession of illegal firearms will never be eligible to become the President of Usmoelia.
Article VII: Amendment Procedures All sections of the Constitution can be amended by the President with the full approval of the three senates. New constitutional laws can also be made by the President with the full approval of the three senate members.
Article VIII: Traeism as Official Political Ideology Traeism is the official political ideology of Usmoelia. All government groups must recognize Traeism as the official group ideology. Any group not adhering to Traeism may exist in Usmoelia, but cannot be classified as part of the government.
These constitutional provisions form the foundation of Usmoelia's governance and reflect the commitment of the government to uphold democratic principles and preserve the safety and security of its citizens.